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When the tooth is drained, the infection can occur. This condition is called parulus, or gum boil, and can happen due to many reasons, but the most common are root canal infection and some gum diseases.

The gum boils can happen in two different cases. The first is connected with the tooth decay. When this happens, the nerves will die eventually. If this occurs, the defense mechanism will produce more white blood cells in order to remove the toxin which is being produced in the root. The second case is connected with the infection between the tooth and gums. This infection, guilty for the production of the gum boils, is called gingival abscess. When the bacteria finds the way to the root of the teeth, periapical tooth abscess will probably happen. This is usually produced by the decay which isn't treated. Immune system can be the cause for the gum boil production. Gum boils can occur more easily if the immune system is weakened for some reason. When the gum boils are developed, the first thing patient will experience is the toothache. The boil will be red and will ripe over time. After a period of time, pus will be visible. The boil can be drained when the white head is located on the tip of the boil. In these situations, pain and tender area below the tongue are present. This most harmless condition can sometimes require a medical attention, if the condition is extremely serious. The treatment which removes the tip of the root, called apicectomy, is performed when disinfection cannot be done. The treatment of the boil always requires the pus drainage, disinfection and the tooth filling. In certain cases tooth extraction is a possible treatment.

But often cases are very diverse, so the dentist will decide what to do during the operation. Some home remedies can be used after the surgery. Those are putting tea bags between the tooth and the cheek, and salt water or hydrogen peroxide, or a mix of grape fruit seed and tea tree oil mouth rinse. You can also use a vitamin C, goldenseal tincture, poultice made of salt and baking soda (used for placing on the boil) and garlic capsules. When the boil is drained, the toxins will be released. Because of this, the lymph glands in the neck and face area will probably swell. Condition called septicemia will happen if these toxins mix with blood. The best way to prevent this, and many other unwanted effects, is to consult the dentist.

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