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The condition called a viral sore throat is produced by an infection in the throat area, and a number of possible viruses can cause this infection. Some of those are mononucleosis virus infection, cold viruses, flu viruses and coxsackie virus. The cause, namely the virus, will determine the symptoms experienced. Adenovirus infection usually produces acute pain in the throat, cough, lymph node swelling, running nose, white bumps located on the tonsils and soreness in affected location. When flu virus is the cause, cough, sore windpipe and cough are experienced, while in cases which are caused by mononucleosis virus, fatigue is experienced for one week, roof of the mouth is affected with red spots, neck glands are swollen. There may also be coating of the tonsils or the throat, and rash on the chest area or the entire body. Symptoms, such as fever, neck, arm, leg and stomach pain, sore throat, mouth or roof of the mouth sores, loss of appetite and headaches are the symptoms of herpangina. Another possible cause for the sore throat is the strep bacteria. When a person suffers from the sore throat caused by this bacterium, discomfort is extreme, and some very serious problems with swallowing are possible. Other problems this condition creates include white spots located on the tonsils, neck lymph nodes swollen, rash, fever, stomach pain, and headache. The problems that aren’t created by this bacterium include running rose, sneezing, nasal congestion and a sore throat, and such problems are usually created by virus.


The next step would be the treatment, and seeing a doctor is a must. He will perform some test and take swabs from the mouth in order to make proper diagnose and see what has caused this problem. For the pain, you can take analgesics, but remember that antibiotics are quite ineffective with this condition. You will need to reduce physical activity. Try to spend as much time as possible relaxing in the bed, and rinse your throat with salty water, because this is sometimes quite effective remedy. The treatment can last for two weeks. When we talk about mononucleosis, it can affect the whole body and last much longer than the sore throat. If you have sore throat problems, try to use ibuprofen (for the pain), consume clear and healthy fluids (like chicken soup, juices), lick candy, limit activity (continue with normal activities when the diarrhea passes), take certain medication, stop smoking, use naproxen and acetaminophen and suck on ice chips. As far as nutrition is concerned, there is no prohibition, you will just need to watch out for the food you may not tolerate. Also Aspirin can be taken, but for those younger than 21, this is not advised.

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