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When a child suffers from dry cough, to which we refer as the unproductive, he or she becomes irritated in both ways; the physical and the psychological. That happens because of the aroused sensibility of larynx and tonsil and, related to that, because of an increased thirstiness and the problems when drinking or eating.

The biggest problem of the dry cough is that is usually very persistent, and that it gets worsened during the night. And, of course, its characteristic of being the consequence of some underlying diseases is also a big problem. That means that it is essentially important to know the cause of it.The causes mustn’t be ignored because later on, in the life, they can lead to more serious diseases.

Beside the larynx and tonsil’s problem, there are more possible triggers of the condition. Most usually, the cold is the cause of the dry cough in children, but the causes could be some more complicated conditions. The most likely to result with this kind of cough are the following: the inflammatory process of the larynx’s lining (called laryngitis), asthma, the contamination of air and a type of cough of spasmodic and convulsive nature (called the whooping cough).

Allergies are among the leading causes of this kind of children’s trouble. And there is also a croup, which is the disease that is characterized by high temperature, the troubles in the process of breathing, and, of course, and a strong cough. In this group of causes, the post nasal drip and the infection of sinus can be added. And that is because a large amount of the nasal liquid gets to the throat and then it leads to the dry cough.

Among the most serious conditions that are likely to provoke the dry cough are the diseases of the lung, such as oedema, tumor and pneumonia. Bronchitis is the mildest cause of them all.

As far as the treatment with the drugs is concerned, it is recommendable to use some milder forms, and the best advice is to make some homemade mixtures and remedies that will do the job. For example, the beneficial plants are basil (blended with honey), almond (previously immersed into water and then blended with honey).

But it is good to emphasize that some homemade remedies that usually cure the dry cough in adults, sometimes don’t have the desirable effect in children. Such remedies are garlic and some teas. Also, it is good to mention that children, especially the ill ones, are not very likely to consume the foods and drinks they don’t like. But in that case, gargling the mixture of an amount of salt and water is effective and lasts shortly.

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