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There is a vast number of people who suffer from a persistent dry cough and are not aware that it is some underlying factor that caused it. By identifying the underlying a person can treat the dry cough.

Persistent dry cough causes

There is a number of reasons how a person can end up with dry cough. A simple infection can be the cause of a cough and if that cough is left untreated it can become a persistent dry cough. It mostly the children and the adults that develop a persistent dry cough from common infections like cold and flu. Allergies are also known causes of dry coughs. In most cases it is because a person is allergic to dust, pollens or grain. Whooping cough is a well known cause of a dry cough. Asthma, post nasal drip and upper respiratory tract infections can also lead to persistent dry cough. Most people who smoke suffer from persistent dry cough. A person who suffers form a throat infection like laryngitis is most likely to experience persistent dry cough as well. In some cases the use of certain drugs like ACE inhibitors have caused persistent dry cough in people.

Persistent dry cough symptoms

When the cough becomes persistent, the symptoms or the infections are becoming more severe as well. There is a fair number of symptoms and a person will not have a difficult task to determine whether he or she is suffering from a persistent dry cough. Some of the most common symptoms are fever, headache, difficulty in swallowing, pain in throat and some other body parts, problems with sleeping, severe coughing, loss of appetite and persistent cough especially at night.Persistent dry cough treatment

When a person is suffering from a persistent dry cough it is essential that the underlying cause is treated. There are certain home remedies a person can try before using medications.Home remedies

Most people will use and recommend salt-water gargling. It is best that a person does this three times per day but there is no limit.

Apart from gargling salt water a person can use Myrrh as well. Myrrh is good because it is antimicrobial and it will soothe the muscles and provide great relief. After the gargling a person should swallow the mixture.

People who suffer from persistent dry cough should consume large amounts of water, at least 3 liters every day. Vitamin C plays an important role in the recovery process as well.

However, a person is advised to seek medical attention at first signs of persistent dry cough.

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