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Dry cough at night involves no mucus formation and it usually indicates the start of a respiratory infection. Dry cough at night occur after a person falls asleep and it is not any different than a normal dry cough, if not just a little worsened. It usually stops all by itself and it gets repeated every few hours during the sleep. This type of cough shows no symptoms during the day and it also affects the person in the form of sleep deprivation. Dry cough can develop into wet cough gradually as the sputum gets formed in the lungs and the age factor may affect the way it is supposed to betreated.

The most common causes of dry cough at night are asthma, common cold, emphysema, sinus infection and whooping cough. Sinus infection leads to a development of certain types of mucus which are very hard to cough out and it worsens the symptoms of a dry cough during the night. Emphysema and whooping cough are usually more common in children.

Other causes include habitual cough, laryngitis, post nasal drip, asbestosis, tracheitis, pollutant irritation, larynx diseases, lung cancer and all sorts of different allergic reactions. Dry cough at night can also be some sort of an after effect of a chronic dry cough and it can be triggered by chain smoking, airborne infections, seasonal weather changes, low humidity and the gastroesophageal reflux disease. Certain types of medications that are used to simultaneously treat other conditions of the body can also trigger the unpleasant dry cough at night.

Dry cough at night deprives the person from a sound sleep and is sometimes annoying and painful. There are various home remedies for this type of condition. Garlic is one of them, since it can be used to treat various diseases and conditions that affect the human body. Besides aiding the digestive tract and preventing the flu it also provides relief from dry cough. Salt dissolved in a glass of warm water helps in relieving the symptoms and reducing the pain when gargled for a few minutes on a daily basis.

Chewing on ginger root and then swallowing it with juice really brings miraculous results. Herbal tea is another remedy that will greatly reduce the symptoms and speed up the healing process. It has soothing and antioxidant properties. This condition is mostly common in children but it may also affect adult persons as well.

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