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Occurrence of acne can happen in any times in your life, especially during hormone transitions, but most commonly, they appear in puberty. Cause is an inflammation of skin is bacteria, and you can have them on your face, skin, neck etc. Pimple is caused by a blockage of the skin's pore, and cystic acne is severe variation of normal acne case. In cases when normal pimple gets infected, it turns into acne, and than, in some cases, progress further to a stage of cystic one.

They are extremely painful and irritating, and if you have a severe case of cystic acne, more than one, or on several spots on your body, it is best for you to consult your dermatologist. These advices are only for cases of normal acne, combined with mild form of cysts. For other cases, as we sad, consulting doctor is a good idea, especially because cystic acne can leave scars on your skin.

If you have a case of deep cystic acne, you should never try to force it to burst, especially before its time, because it can leave a deep scare on the skin. But, there is some things you can try in order to relieve the symptoms and heal the cysts.

You can try 2.5% strong solution of benzoyl peroxide; apply it gently on the area around cyst several times a day. It should remove the bacteria that form the cyst, and speed up healing process.

You should also start to take daily dosage of multi vitamins, in order to get a minimal daily dosage of essential vitamins that will help your body to fight the inflammation of cysts. Vitamin B5 is most important one in fight against excessive oil on the skin. Daily dosage of this vitamin should be 5-10 grams.

There is also some anti inflammatory medicaments and treatments you should use, like Neosporin. They can help your body fight the inflammation, and cysts will dry and heal, witch is more pleasant, do not leave scars, and takes less time than when you force it out yourself.

Zinc is also very important mineral in that helps you in fight against cysts. It is very powerful anti oxidant, and also it helps regulate your oil glands. Daily dosage should be 30-50 mg of zinc.

If all of this mentioned before did not help, your dermatologist may prescribe you drugs like Accutane. It contains vitamin A supplement. But this medicament should be used only if really necessary, because it has nasty side effects.

There are several things you can do to your skin yourself, to prevent appearance of acne;

protect from sunuse anti acne lotions (you can by them in any pharmacy)avoid skin irritantschoose anti irritant cosmeticsshave carefully

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