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Back Acne - Overview

Acne is a common skin disease in humans and it features with specific skin changes including comedones, papules, pustules and nodules. In severe form acne may even lead to scaring of the skin. This skin disease typically affects area of the skin rich in sebaceous glands. The face, the upper part of the chest and the back are most commonly affected. Some people suffer from noninflammatory form of acne while others have to deal with additional inflammation of already unsightly skin changes.

Back acne is the same as those on the face. However, since sebaceous glands on the back are larger and produce more oil comparing to those on the face, people who are suffering from back acne face more severe skin lesions such as nodules and cysts. This is why the treatment of back acne may be more challenging and complicated. Back acne affect 2/3 of people suffering from facial acne and they predominantly occur in men.

The actual cause of back acne has not been established yet. This skin disease occurs in puberty and this has something to do with proper maturation of the oil glands. Similar to facial acne, back acne affect people with increased production of skin cells inside the pores. These cells block the pores and this creates a perfect environment for further multiplication of bacteria and acne formation.

Treatment for Back Acne

In some people back acne may form due to irritation of the skin such as repeated rubbing caused by backpacks, rough massages, tight-fitting clothing etc. This acne is called 'acne mechanical' and they can be partially prevented if one avoids irritation of this particular area. This can be achieved by wearing breathable cotton clothing, carrying backpacks in some other way except on the back and the like. This will be of additional help when the treatment starts.

There are numerous treatments for acne and only dermatologist can decide which is the best is for the particular patient.

Medications used for acne include benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, hormones (in women), topical retinoids, oral retinoids and anti-inflammatories. Even Calendula in suspension can be rather effective anti-inflammatory agent.

Apart from medications more severe forms of back acne especially if they leave scars in the skin may require additional treatment such as dermabrasion and microdermabrasion. Phototherapy is another treatment modality applied in case of acne. Patients may also benefit from photodynamic therapy, laser treatment and finally, surgery may be required in patients suffering from cystic acne to provide with proper draining of the boils.

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