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Cystic Acne

There are several types of acne and one of the most serious are the cystic acne, which usually leave a scar. This type of acne isdescribed as painful, deep and large nodules or cysts. They have a liquidplaced in the center with a membrane surrounding it. Pain will be also experiencedand it depends on the size of the acne. The scarring that usually remains willrequire a lot of time to heal and it will leave a mark on the skin. There arefour ways in which acne scars can be developed and those are hypertrophicscars, rolling scars, scar-box car and the icebreaker scars. If you have cystic acne, the scar that remains after will be deep.

Prevention and Treatment

Prevention is the best solution, so always avoid picking acne or acne scabs,because this can aid the development of the scars and skin pits. Thisrestraint is very hard and people usually cannot restrain from picking acne.Permanent scars will probably be left after the cystic acne and other severeacne types. There are creams that promote the elimination of the scars, but if the scar isdeep, there is nothing any of the gels or creams can do to remove it. Laser resurfacing,chemical peels, microdermabrasion and other treatment methods can be used inthese situations. Ultra-abrasive paper is used during the microdermabrasion treatment. The deepscars will be eliminated and the healing of the top layer may begin. Thewounds will be healed and by repeating this procedure several times,the scar can be eliminated. But due to the risk of hyper-pigmentation, peoplefrom the Hispanic regions, Greece, Italy, Asia cannot go through thisprocedure along with the African American people. Surgery can be done and it is usually done on deep scaring. This type ofprocedure removes the skin on which the scar is located and then the new skinwill grow. Bandaging and hospitalization will be required if you undergo thisprocedure, which brings certain risks of face swelling. Infection is anotherpossible problem that can occur after the surgery. Salicylic acid,trichloroacetic acid, lactic acid or other chemical can be used during thechemical peel. The affected skin area is applied with the lotion or a creamthat causes the removal of the old skin cells and promotion of the new skingrowth. Sun exposure must be limited after this treatment. Very efficient andclean treatment of scar removal is laser resurfacing treatment, the costs of which depend on the size of the scar. Know that all of these treatment options canlead to some sort of side effects, so try to avoid a problem so that you do nothave to treat it and expose yourself to such risks.

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