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Women are often faced with excess fat after the pregnancy. Doctorssometimes say that the expected weight is about 2 pounds (or one kg) with the every month of pregnancy. Normal weight gain is about 25 to 30 pounds (11 to13.5 kg), but most women exceed that line and end up with much more extraweight.

Being overweight after pregnancy may really bother you, especiallyif you weren’t overweight before giving birth to a child. However, you don’t haveto despair, because it can be taken care of. Just remember that it is you thatdecides about your weight and only a couple of lifestyle changes can and willmake significant difference.

What to Expect

In most cases losing baby fat (as they sometimes call it) isnot going to be short term task. Prepare yourself, both mentally andphysically, since it can take you couple of months to a whole year. Yes, somewomen did look fabulous just weeks after childbirth, but if you’re not one ofthem it will most probably be around 6 months or more.

Be practical, would you like to lose some pounds and to getthem back right after finishing your diet? Most likely not. That’s whynutritionists advise controlling your food and exercising at the same time. Severedieting usually doesn’t work, because it doesn’t burn the excess fat. Supplementsare also not recommended, especially if you are still breastfeeding. Everythingyou eat gets transported through the milk into the body of your child. Supplementsmight contain different substances, which could be harmful for the young baby.

Regular exercise can also prevent postpartum depression (“babyblues”) in some women.

How to Exercise

Experts agree that dieting and regular exercising are thebest way for the new moms to lose some weight. They recommend aerobicactivities for beginners. When starting, do 20 minutes of some light aerobicexercises and practice at least 4 times per week. After some time, you canincrease duration of the exercise to one hour and add up some ab crunches and legraises. Kegel exercises are also particularly good for the new moms, since theycan tone your weakened pelvic muscles. Sometimes, isometric abdominalcontraction can also be helpful to tone your muscles.

Always stretch afterwards. 10 to 15 minutes of stretching willmake you more flexible, and help you burn even more fat than just byexercising.

It is important to remember wearing proper support bra whileexercising.

You might want to join an exercising program for new moms orhire a personalized fitness trainer. Also, keep in mind - the sooner you startexercising and watching your diet the better and faster results will be.

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