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When you are pregnant you tend to receive a lots of the compliment about how great you look. However, after the baby is born the majority of women want their old bodies back. Below is a list of ways to help you to succeed in regaining your old figure in the safe and effective way.

Tip Number 1 - Don't Start Dieting Too Quickly

Be aware that you and your body have been through a huge ordeal and need the adequate time to recover. Most doctors will advise you to hold off doing any form of diet and/or exercise until you have been to your sixth week postpartum checkup. If you are breast feeding your baby then you should ideally wait until a minimum of two months have passed. Women who ignore this advice and start their dieting process too early will usually complain of severe tiredness. Even more so than this, dieting can and probably will affect your milk if you are breast feeding. Usually if you are breast feeding your baby, you will naturally lose weight anyway. You need to be realistic about your goals for weight loss and body shape. Most of the time being pregnant will have had a permanent affect on your body, for example giving you a softer stomach and slightly bigger hips and waist line. So perhaps stop looking at the celebrity magazines which show you models that look stick thin six weeks after giving birth and start looking at the real woman pictures after birth.

Tip Number 2 -Embrace exercise

Regardless if you were pregnant or not, the rule remains the same, eat healthily and couple it with regular exercise in order to drop the pounds. The reason it is so important to combine exercise with dieting is so that you do not loss muscle, you lose fat. When the time is right, you can begin eating slightly less and start getting a little more exercise. Before you do this, always check with your doctor first.

Tip Number 3- Lose weight slowly

As a woman you need to take in around one thousand and two hundred calories each and every day to be healthy so it is important not to starve yourself. You must stay in the best of conditions to look after your baby, that is the priority. For women that are breast feeding they will require around one thousand and eight hundred calories each day.

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