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Living healthy is really not easy, but many will say that it is not because of the junk food or lack of physical activity. Many people mention stress as one of the major obstacles in life, something that can induce nervousness and even depression or anxiety. With this said, it is obvious that stress relieving is one of the important things that need to be done in order to live a healthy life.


One of the best methods to alleviate stress at least to a certain point is to increase physical activity. How is that done? Well, simple answer would be that if a person is physically exhausted, there is simply no physical and mental strength left for stress. It does not mean that a person cares less about some problem when tired, it is simply the defensive mechanism of the body which suggests to get some rest and think about the problems later. This is why many sportsmen appear to be very calm and never lose nerve, although this might not be said for some competitive sports. So, is there any physical activity that helps more in relieving the stress?

The choice

It is very important to pick a physical activity that will be fun and interesting for a practitioner. This means that the practitioner's mind will be occupied with some things other than the causes of stress. Martial arts are especially interesting because people learn something new and useful and still get to shape their bodies. Self-defense and many techniques for disabling an opponent are really interesting and also builds up confidence, which helps with the elimination of stress. Sometimes people start some physical activity together with their partners. This is really fun and a great thing to do, and some couples even do it if they want to save their relationship. As for physical activity options, dance class is a great option. Is dance the eternal stress reliever? It most definitely is. Listening to favorite music and moving the entire body following the rhythm of that music is really enjoyable and should be performed as much as possible. Actually, dance classes are not required, people can just turn on the music at home and jump and dance anyway they feel. This is a great calorie burner and stress reliever. If not at home, going to a club once or twice a week will definitely help. Of course, no sitting in the club allowed!

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