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Baldness and Hair Loss

People who suffer from hair loss become desperate in finding a solution for their problem. However, there also those who suffer from a type of baldness called alopecia, and who want to find the appropriate treatment for it. There are some who use hats, caps or wigs in order to cover their boldness. Hair loss affects people of all races and ages above 20. Older people do tend to lose their hair more as their hair becomes thinner with age. Conditions such as hypothyroidism, hormonal issues, or chemotherapy treatments can be caused due to the baldness and lair loss. The most common cause of losing hair lays in genetics. There are several possible ways of treatment of the baldness and hair loss and if you suffer from some such problem, you should definitely try some of the treatments we are going to talk about.


There are many things to which you should pay attention if you want to regrow your lost hair. You need to feed the hair with certain nutrients as any other part of the body. Increasing intake of some vitamins can be really helpful for the treatments of balding or thinning hair. For example, the vitamin that is responsible for making your hair healthy is vitamin C and so the lack of it can lead to baldness. Daily dosage of the vitamin C intake should be from one to three thousand mg, but you can also eat more citrus fruit.

Hair can also grow with the help of the vitamin B and especially, vitamin B3, which increases nutrient distribution and blood circulation in the scalp. Vitamin B6 is also good for regrowing hair because it makes the weak hair become strengthened. About 100 grams per day of each of these B vitamins is necessary for the best results. Insufficient amount of iron can also lead to hair loss, since iron improves scalp circulation. Proteins are also essential for regrowing the lost hair or for preventing baldness. Some of the protein rich foods include green leafy veggies, raisins, apricots, liver, etc.

Another very important thing you should know is that you need to make some serious changes about your everyday life in order to prevent baldness or regrow your lost hair. Namely, your diet can be one of the main causes of the falling hair and hair thinning. Therefore, you need to make changes about your diet. Healthy hair grows with a help of water, so drinking about 2 liters of water is essential not only for the growth of your healthy hair, but for your overall health as well. Cigarettes and alcohol slow down the blood circulation in your scalp, so you should consider quitting smoking and decreasing your intake of alcohol.

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