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What are bruises?

Bruises are the discoloration,usually the blue or red, of the skin, and they are usually a result of an injury.The color may also vary from green to yellow, depending on the bruise's depth.Coloration changes happen because of the chemical decomposition and because thedead cells at the affected area are getting replaced with the body. Recoverydepends on many things, such as depth and type of the injury. It may need dayor even weeks for the bruise to completely disappear.

Injuries such as sprains, brokenbones and falls can lead to bruising. Mentioned discoloration is caused by theblood vessel's breakage, which leads to blood entering into the skin. Just likewith any other medical problem, bruises may vary. Some people can develop themvery easily, while others don't. Also, some conditions enhance the chances forbruising. Those are obesity and anemia. There is a possibility bruises arecaused by cancer, which happens if a bruise appears on the skin without anykind of injury. Since blood platelet levels determine how easily you willbruise, those who have low levels may bruise easily. Low levels can be causedby some medications, such as anticoagulants. Lack of bioflavonoids and vitaminC can lead to bruising more easily.

Remedies for bruises

We need good blood clottingeffect in our body, so we recommend vitamin K. Also, try to include leafy anddark green vegetables as much as possible. Anemia is one of the possiblehelpers for the development of bruises, and in order to avoid it, includes foodrich in iron. Also, include fruits, and in great quantities, eat fatty fish,since they have vitamin D, which has blood-clotting properties. Bodies that donot have proper amount of vitamin C, tend to bruise more easily. It also mayimpair the healing and prolong it, so, you will have to find a way to consumevitamin C, by food or supplements.

Bruising chances can be reduced by takingvitamin E, and the healing process will be reduced if you take vitamin C and E.There is a supplement named bromelain, which can also be used. Put thyme oilsor tea tree oil (diluted in olive oil) on the bruise and repeat this two timesa day. Also try to put 15 drops of comfrey tincture or a mix of thyme,horsetail and chamomile in your bath. Arnica salve and St. John's wort can alsobe applied on the bruise. Try to drink plenty of rose tea. You can prepare themix of chamomile. Fennel, comfrey, St. John's wort and calendula blossoms are theingredients for this mix.

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