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The focus of this text is a cream that can be used for bruises and body aches and it is called arnica cream. We will see which benefits are associated with this cream, which is made of an arnica plant and which has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. The plant used for the production of this cream is a part of the asteraceae family, just like the sunflower plant, and it has yellow flowers, which have many medical benefits. The leopard's bone, which is also called mountaintop tobacco and European flowering plant, has thick stems that look hairy and it grows no more than 2 feet. This plant has been used for treating skin rash and problems with stomach back in the 1500s, but in the modern world, the use of this plant is associated with relief of pain caused by muscle strains, bruises and muscle sprains.

The production of this cream is usually done with the use of dried blossoms, but fresh flowers can be used as well. Ingredients such as tannins, flavonoids, carotenoids, inulin and thymol will reduce the inflammation or the swelling caused by the muscle tissue that has been damaged. Also, these ingredients are associated with the prevention of cancer, free radicals defense and antioxidant abilities.

Uses of Arnica Creams

This cream cannot be used on broken skin or open wounds since it can cause irritation of the skin. Injuries to the soft tissue, like sprains caused by overuse, strain or fracture, can be treated with arnica cream, along with the bruising resulting from an impact or a fall. The arnica gel is very beneficial on these injuries due to the effect it has on the blood, which, once the damage is done, is carried to the location of the damaged tissue in greater amount in order to fight the damage. The flow of the blood to and away from this location can be increased with the use of arnica gel. This will remove the tissue buildup, excess blood and toxins from the affected location and, due to this effect, the healing process will be much faster. Arthritis is a disease that causes joint inflammation and pain, which can be reduced with the use of arnica cream. You can use it for eczema, psoriasis and other skin disorders, and even on the pain and swelling due to the insect bites.


You have to use this cream carefully, since there are some problems that can be experienced. Some of them are eczema exacerbation, blisters, itching, skin redness and other problems associated with allergic reaction. Also, if a person is allergic to a plant from an asteraceae family, it is best to avoid arnica cream. The best way of using this cream is by putting a thin layer on, two or three times during one day, and this will reduce the inflammation and pain even better than some pills or antibiotics. However, visit a doctor if there are no results visible after several days of use of the arnica gel.

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