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Black Eye

This may be a serious problem for those who need to go to a party in a few days and the black eye is still there. So the next text with the treatment methods for black eye may be of use to somebody. The most common cause of black eye is the hit to the face by something or someone, but some other problems may cause black eye, too. Some of them are face lift, some surgical procedures, allergic reactions and head injury. The blood and fluid start to gather under the eye if the area around the eye suffers a blow, which leads to the discoloration and swelling of the eye. The gathering of the fluid happens because this area is very loose and this makes the fluid gathering very easy to happen. This problem usually goes away on its own after several weeks, but since this is a problem that the most people do not want on the face, speeding up the process may be a good idea.


One of the misconceptions is that Aspirin can eliminate the problem. The truth is that it cannot, since it prevents the clotting of the blood and this makes the discoloration impossible to be treated. Taking acetaminophen is a much better idea, which is even recommended by the doctors. Several natural remedies are available and one of them is the cold compress. You can apply ice packs on the affected area and this will be beneficial on the internal bleeding and it will reduce the swelling. You can place several ice cubes to a cloth and put a bundle of this cloth on the location, or you can use frozen vegetable packs if the ice cubes are unavailable. Foods like papaya, broccoli, pineapples and oranges are advised to eat, since they are filled with vitamin C, which is good for black eye. Pineapple and papaya have an enzyme that can alter the blood molecular structure, which will decrease the recovery time. You will need a lot of rest in order to eliminate the problem, but the fact is that bad sleeping may even make it worse. Remember to keep the head elevated during the sleep. Olive oil massages can also be beneficial, or you can apply the sliced potato and the discoloration will decrease. Rose water is also a successful remedy. You can soak a cloth in the witch hazel and this will make a good remedy that needs to be applied. Another good remedy is a warm compress. Just soak the cloth in warm water and apply it to the area until it becomes cold. This is best done 48 hours after the creation of the black eye problem, and it should be done for two or three times during the day. Hopefully, we have given you some information that will prove useful to you, but remember that a visit to the doctor is needed if the problem becomes persistent.

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