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Bone bruise is a problem associated with the pressure placed on the bone and this leads to the damage of the same bone. It further causes a lot of pain and the problem can be detected with the use of MRI scans. Bone cancer cannot be developed due to this condition but the surrounding bone can be affected as well, although this happens rarely. This kind of injury is most common among those who practice sports or due to an impact of the bone, like in case of a car crash or a hit on the bone with some object. The foot, ankles and knees are the most commonly affected body areas. The pain caused by this issue is great and medical help is needed immediately. The bone bruises can cause great amount of bleeding and then the damage of the affected bone area can suffer additional damage due to the pressure applied on it. The bone bruise is not a health issue and it is not difficult to treat, but only if the treatment is done accordingly and on time.


Now we will move on to the part when we will focus on the symptoms and problems caused by the bone bruises. The most common symptoms are swelling, stiffness and acute pain and the treatment conducted will largely depend on the symptoms exhibited. This medical issue can cause great amount of irritation, so it is best to keep an eye on certain factors, like skin color change caused by the bone bruise. The bone bruise can be discovered by the black-blue color and if you see this skin tone, see a doctor immediately. The climatic conditions will have great impact on the bone bruises. The pain may become worse due to the effect of the climate change. This may cause great discomfort so do not hesitate with a visit to the hospital. Even walking can be affected if the knee bone is in question. The activities you are accustomed to perform during the day will be difficult to accomplish due to the presence of bone bruises.


We have said that the surrounding bone is usually not affected, but it can happen, which is why you need to be careful. The bone bruise is basically a sport injury that targets athletes in most cases. It can be treated easily if the person in question reacts timely. The first thing you should do when the bone bruise appears is to take some painkillers for the pain, while afterwards you will probably have to use some other medications. Also, ice massages are very helpful in these situations.

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