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Getting the stomach to look the way it looked before pregnancy is a goal that many women are trying to achieve. Also, no matter how hard they try, the results are usually disappointing. No amount of walking, exercises or time that has passed can remove the extra fat it seems.

There are some simple ways to solve this problem, however.

During pregnancy, the uterus expands. Abdominal muscles are separating and stretching in order to make more room for it. After the birth, these muscles can remain separated.

Crunches are not very helpful because they put pressure on the tissue that connects the outermost abdominal muscles, which can further separate them. The solution is to brace the stomach while focusing on the innermost abdominal muscle called the transverse abdominus. It helps to keep the belly in and also helps to prevent back pain.

This can be practiced at almost anytime and anywhere - while sitting up straight or while standing in line. It is done by pulling the belly button in towards the spine and imagining a tightening effect like that of corset strings.

Toning exercises can be made of simple everyday activities. A mother that holds her baby on the side has to put out her hip, while letting the stomach go. In order to focus the muscles of the stomach while holding the baby, it should be held in front, with both arms.

Baby reverse curls are another form of exercise. The starting position needs to be lying down on the back with knees bended and brought to the chest. The baby is to be rested on the shins and held by its hands. From the position where the shins and the baby are parallel to the ground, the shins should be lowered until the feet are almost touching the ground. After holding the position for short while, the shins (and the baby) should return to the previous position. This should be repeated ten to fifteen times for a good workout.

Scissor lifts can also be done. The starting position is to lie on the ground, with arms reached as far back as possible while holding a sturdy couch leg or something similar. The next step is to bring both legs up at a 90 degrees angle. The left leg is then to be lowered until it almost touches the floor. After holding this position for a couple of seconds, the left leg comes up, and everything is repeated with the right leg. This should be done ten times for each leg.

Drink a lot of water and eat vegetables and fruits that are rich with water like tomatoes, asparagus, celery, and oranges.It is also advisable to eat foods that are rich with potassium such as apricots, spinach, and bananas.

Food should be eaten slowly. Carbonated drinks should be avoided. Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli can cause bloating. Also, very salty foods retain water in the body. Chewing gum can also cause bloating.

Cardiovascular exercising is necessary in dealing with any kind of weight loss plan. The good thing is that this does not have to involve hours of working out. A power walk with the spine straight and abdominal muscles kept in should be sufficient. In order to improve the effect, the intensity of the walk should be increased for a few minutes every once in a while. Also, bringing the baby along in a backpack can have faster results.

An hour of weightlifting a day can help to boost metabolism and build muscles as well.

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