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Excessive weight can cause several medical problems and therefore it should be eliminated as fast as possible. Obesity might cause heart issues, blood vessel problems, conditions such as diabetes etc. On the other hand, increased physical activity has several benefits and those really should not be missed. Some of them are increased energy, stronger immune system, better posture, stronger muscles, increased stamina, endurance etc.
Muscle groups
There are several groups that should be worked out mostly although the general idea behind exercising is that the entire body should be affected. There are certain areas that might be a bit more difficult to develop. One of those is tummy region or belly area. The problem with abdominal muscles is that they can be built up in some time, but there is also a problem of excessive fat tissue present. Tummy flattening exercises are needed for completing the final shape of the abdominal muscles.
There are classic exercises such as sit ups, crunches, leg raises etc. These all should be done and it is also essential to do those exercises in different forms. This means that speed and number of repetitions should be changing constantly. In this way, all abs will be put under a lot of strain, which is great for overall development. Also, keeping torso in mid air, at about 45 degrees from the floor, is a great thing for building the abs. There are also some more extreme and intensive exercises and one of them is hanging leg raises, which can be done with the help of the chin up bar. Starting posture is the same as for pull ups but in this situation, legs are raised while the entire body is hanging held by the hands. Legs can be bent in knees for beginners, or straight for more advanced practitioners.
Passive forms
There are also forms that can be done while sitting at the desk in office, for example. All that is necessary is pulling in the stomach as much as possible and holding that position for as long as possible. This is great for toning; it is not physically strenuous and does not require much time, special gear or space.
Controlled eating
It is also important to eat properly, because without it, tummy toning will be much more difficult. Reducing the amount of inserted food is also important because that will lead to decrease in diameter of intestines that directly reduces the stomach. It is also recommended to drink as much water as possible because it has small cleansing effect and also reduces the appetite (stomach filled with water is not hungry!).

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