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Plantar fasciitis symptoms and causes

Everyone who has experienced the pain in the heel is probablywell acquainted with the term plantar fasciitis. Runners are those who mostfrequently suffer from it, as well as overweight people and pregnant women. Inadequateshoes can also cause this problem or increase the risk of experiencing it. Medicationsare something that the person who suffers from this problem won’t be able tohandle the problem without, although wearing night splints and performing some exercisesthat help the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon to stretch might also help.

Stretches that help in cases of plantar fasciitis

Long sitting stretch is done while sitting on the floor. Legsneed to be stretched and a towel needs to be around the top of the problematicfoot. The towel has to be pulled with both hands and the person should feel a stretchat the bottom of the foot. It is recommended to do this 10 times, and each timethe position should be held for a half a minute.Achilles stretch requires that the person face a wall withthe hands on it. With the foot that is in pain the person needs to step backand keep it flat on the floor, while it is necessary to stepforward a little with the other leg and lean on it. The stretch should be felt in the calf, andthis is the moment when it is necessary to stop for a half a minute and then doit again for 10 times.Stairs can also be used for stretching and all that ittakes is to stand on one leg, but on the balls of the feet, and while holding somethingfor balance (the rail, for example), the heel of the foot in question needs tobe lowered until the stretch is felt. Again, this should be repeated for 10times, but each time the stretch should be felt for 30 seconds.Kneeling on the healthy leg and placing the weight over the otherknee while the heel is on the ground or floor is also a good stretch.Plantar fascia massage is done with the help of a massageball. The person can sit or stand, but it is necessary to roll the arch of thefoot over the ball, while the foot and the ankle can move in all directions. Therolling should last for 30 seconds and then it can be done for the other foot. Themassage can be repeated 3 to 5 times, but the pause between each repetitionshould be 30 seconds.

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