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Acne, commonly know as pimples, refers to the tiny lesions on the person’s skin, and also to an inflammation that occurs as a direct consequence of a plugged up or infected pore. The lesions in question are most often induced by changes in the hormonal balance, and do tend to disappear on their own in due time. All a person has to do is be patient for a little while, which is, of course, not easy at all given their nature and outlook. For all those who are not able to hold it and seek to get rid of this unpleasant blemish, there is a way to do it quite successfully. But a person must adhere to certain steps and perform them to the letter.

The removal procedure

Step one – a person needs to wash his/her face with warm water, and afterwards with a facial cleanser that has no alcohol and is hypoallergenic. Warm water is a must because cold water does not possess the strength to exterminate germs, or rid one’s face of excess oil.Step two – next thing to do is submerge a ball of cotton in witch hazel and apply it straight to the pimple in question, at least two or three times, for this way, the dirt and excess oil will be removed completely.Step three – warm wash cloth pressed against the pimple (for approximately 60 seconds) is the next action on the list. This way, the pores will surely open up and start to “breathe” again.Step four – a gauze pad is to be taken and with it a moderate pressure should be applied to the both sides of the pimple, followed by applying pressure by way of piece of gauze to the top and the bottom part of the pimple. This will result in the moving of infection to the top of the pimple, i.e. its centre, and when done a couple of times, the pimple should pop out pretty easily and without any unwanted consequences.Step five – after all this accomplished, one should let the infection drain out on its own, without employing a tissue or anything similar for wiping purposes for this could quite easily infect the surrounding pores with bacteria. And this nobody desires, of course.Step six – put a bit of benzoyl ointment on a piece of gauze and rub in gently on the pimple. Do this two times in the course of the day, for two to three consecutive days and your pimple problem is solved.

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