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Cellulite -Overview

Cellulite can be defined as a topographic skin change which usually features with skin dimpling and nodularity. It may affect both genders but it is more frequent among women. Certain body areas are more susceptible to cellulite and they include the pelvis region, buttocks, lower limbs and abdomen. The subcutaneous fat becomes infiltrated with fibrous connective tissue and this leads to a specific appearance of cellulite. The skin affected with cellulite resembles orange peel. The very condition is not of medical importance. On the contrary, it is more of an aesthetic problem. It is estimated that over 80% of women develop cellulite prior they turn 30. This information may be both, shocking and depressing.

The actual cause of cellulite has not been identified yet. Still, the condition is associated with several factors. Certain hormones may be major contributors to the occurrence of cellulite. This particularly refers to estrogen which may both, initiate and aggravate cellulite. This thesis is not proven. Apart from estrogen scientists also consider other hormone participants in the formation of cellulite. Furthermore, people may be genetically predisposed to cellulite. And finally, it may be connected with diet, specific lifestyles and certain habits.

Cellulite Reduction

It is not possible to eliminate cellulite so the actual goal is to make it become less visible. This can be achieved with proper and well balanced diet, plenty of exercises, and massage with certain anti cellulite products.

People suffering from cellulite consume food rich in particular substances that may induce formation of cellulite. Their diets are not healthy and there may be lack of fruit and vegetables. Even preparation of food may be related to cellulite formation. People who consume junk food tend to develop cellulite more than those whose eating habits are healthy. The body requires general detoxification, intake of plenty of water and intake of certain foods that are known to fight against cellulite buildup such as whole grain foods, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Regular exercises are highly effective in reduction of cellulite. Many motion exercises such as walking, cycling, yoga and aerobics help in burning fat cells, the cornerstone of cellulite buildup.

And finally, massage of the body areas affected by cellulite increases circulation in the particular area, accelerates detoxification and breaks the fat cells. Excess of water from the affected areas is eliminated and the skin's appearance significantly improves. There are many cosmetic products available for the massage of the affected areas.

If a person is not satisfied with results and would like cellulite to become even less noticeable he/she is supposed to consult a well experienced dermatologist who will suggest some of the procedures for cellulite elimination.

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