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Introduction to the appetite

The appetite is the desire and need of a person to eat food. Many people who are trying to lose weight want to find ways to suppress their appetites and refrain from eating so much, but there are also people who have different problems with the appetite.

There are people who may be underweight and have a really fast metabolism to boot. These people want to find a way to increase their appetite and ability to eat food and to gain some weight in the process.

There are methods to try and certain foods that can be eaten that will enable a person to consume more food and more calories without feeling full right away.


A good tip is to eat regularly and to east often, because going for long period of time without eating anything will shrink the stomach and its capacity to receive food as well. If a person begins to gradually eat a little more every day they will be stretching their stomach and adapting it to be able to take in more food as times goes by.

It is important to it snacks between meals, especially if someone is having troubles eating at meal times; however, people need to be careful with this as well, because people who tend to eat small amounts of food frequently can skip the three big meals of the day and then, in turn, eat less than usual.

It is a good idea to keep a diary of the food that a person has eaten so that a person will learn what types of foods they enjoy eating most.

Exercise is also important because it will not only build muscle, but in turn increase the appetite as well. When the body is burning calories it will be craving more and more calories to be given to it.

It is also important to vary the kind of food a person is eating. People need to eat foods from every food group in order to satisfy all of the needs of the body as far as nutrients are concerned. Also, it is better and much easier to eat six or seven small meals of different kinds of food instead of one gigantic meal of one type of food.

It is also a good idea to always have a lot of food in the house if possible. Keep the fridge and pantry stocked because it is important to eat every time the person has a craving and it is hard to eat when there is no food in the house.

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