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Why Am I Gaining Weight?

Rapid weight gain may confuse many, especially those who lead a healthy life, eating right and getting the physically active often. Nevertheless, the reasons for rapid weight gain many be many, all different in nature. Therefore, you might not be aware of some processes in your body, yet you might experience this uncontrollable weight gain suddenly affecting you. Luckily, in most cases, you are able to return to your previous self with just some minor lifestyle re-adjustments. Unfortunately, sometimes, something more serous may be behind your weight gain. All in all, read on to learn more about this phenomenon and its possibletreatment.

What is Behind Rapid Weight Gain and How Is It Treated?

Overeating seems to be the most common cause of rapid weight gain. This might be due to increased food cravings or unhealthy nutrition. In both cases, your diet needs to be changed in order for your ideal weight to be returned. You might consider paying a nutritionist a visit or re-organize your diet, expelling high-fat, processed food from it and introducing more natural food types, with numerous fruit and vegetables.

As we grow old, our metabolism tends to get significantly slower. Thus, sometimes we might experience rapid weight gain as one of the manifestations of old age. Then, we need to reduce our food intake and introduce physical activity into our lives. Eating healthy and staying active is the key to a long life with a perfect body weight.

You might have developed your excessive weight due to your craving for carbohydrates. Namely, once we eat carbohydrates, our organism reduces the increased level of sugar caused by this intake. Thus by eating more, we crave for more. This causes weight problems which can be solved by eating healthy food regularly. Also, hormonal imbalance or depression can all cause food cravings. Then, you might consider exercising regularly, since this reduces your depression and makes you feel significantly better. As for hormonal imbalances, by seeking medical assistance you will surely get a proper treatment.

Women are quite susceptible to gaining weight during their pregnancy, menopause or even menstrual cycles. This all takes place due to hormonal activities in their bodies. Even though these phenomenons are normal in menstrual cycles and menopause, excessive weight in pregnancy can jeopardize the well being of the baby. So, pregnant women should control their weight as much as they can.

With men, sudden weight gain may easily be caused by an underlying disease, especially if it strikes before the age of 40.

All in all, eat healthy, stay active and seek medical attention if all else fails.

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