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Obesity is one of the main problemsconcerning the health of an individual since it makes the base for the occurrenceof many serious medical conditions. It is estimated that in many countriesmore than a half of their population are obese people. Therefore, normal bodyweight is essential for a healthy life.

In women, considerable weight gainis only normal in pregnancy. Furthermore, it is even possible that some womengain weight periodically with menstruation. However, sudden weight gain is a conditionthat should not be ignored and it can be induced by several reasons.

Causes of sudden weigh gain in women

In most cases, a woman gains body weightwhen she takes in more calories than the body can use it. In such cases, these unnecessarycalories make a fat storage and the woman gains weight. This sudden weight gainis even greater when the woman is constantly overeating with unhealthy foods highin fats and when she is not physically active. Therefore, in order to keep thehealthy body weight, it is essential to eat a balanced diet, rich in fresh vegetablesand fruits, and to avoid the foods rich in fats.Sudden weight gain in women may alsobe induced by smoking, as well as by eating junk foods, which are very unhealthy.Since the hormones of the thyroidgland are responsible for regulation of the metabolism of the body cells, insufficiencyof these hormones leads to the considerable slowing of the metabolism andsubsequently, to the sudden weight gain. When a woman suffers fromhypothyroidism, she usually loses appetite but on the other side, she gains weightsince the protein deposits bring about the water retention and build-up of fat.Cushing’s syndrome is alsoresponsible for sudden weight gain in women. This condition happens when theadrenal glands secrete the hormone cortisol more than it is necessary. In suchcase, while the extremities stay slender, the abdomen and upper back, as well asface, are the parts of the body where the fat accumulates.Many women tend to eat whenever theyare nervous or under stress, and when they are depressed. Therefore, emotionalfactors are also causative factors for the incidence of sudden weight gain inwomen.The sudden increase in the weight ofthe body in many women happens due to the use of certain medicines likevarious hormonal drugs, contraceptive pills and antidepressants. Furthermore, steroidsand corticosteroids are also the medications that have the weigh gain as aside effect.

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