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Lips Exfoliation

Smooth lips are something everywoman and most men seek, and the companies that manufacture this kind ofproducts are aware of this so it is not strange to see so many advertisementsfor the lipsticks. But some people are pessimistic about the smooth lips advertisedby the companies although this can really happen. You just have to exfoliatethe skin on regular basis and this will make the skin plain and smooth. Lipsexfoliation is a process that most people are unaware of and had never heardabout it. This process improves the appearance of a person by making the lipssmooth and there are several methods that will help you achieve this goal. Theyare baking soda method, toothbrush scrubbing and sugar based scrubbing methods.

Toothbrush Method. For this method,you will have to get a soft toothbrush with straight bristles, on which youwill have to apply some petroleum jelly. Then using the circular motions, rubthe lips with this toothbrush. Then the jelly needs to be left on in order torehydrate the lips.Sugar Method. Use some sugarand olive oil, mix it in a bowl and make a paste out of this mix. Remember thatthis mix can be used only in the form of a paste. Use a soft cloth and applythe mix on the lips in circular motions. The exfoliation of the lips will bebetter if you rub more and do it gently. Use a warm water to rinse the mixtureof, and do not be alarmed if you swallow some of it. The lips then have torehydrate, and you can do this with a lip balm and this ends the process, whichwill make your skin soft and smooth very quickly.Baking Soda. Mix water and bakingsoda so that you get a paste, which should be applied with a circular motion onthe lips. An old toothbrush can be used for this. Rinse the paste off andremember to put some moisturizing balm because this mix will not moist thelips.

Tips and Warnings

Honey is a great moisturizer soyou can use it for moisturizing the lips after you use the methods described inthe text and this will make the lips soft. Plumper lips can be gained with theuse of cinnamon and you include it in the mixtures mentioned. But sincecinnamon can lead to chapped lips, you should not exaggerate with the use ofthis remedy. Also, lip gloss that inflates the lips can make your lips plumpand remember that before you see the results, you will feel tinglingsensation. Never scrub your lips too hard and be very careful when you dothis since there is a possibility that your lips can get chapped.

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