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Nowadays, there are a lot of people who wish for their skin to look pretty and young for as long as it can. There are lots of treatments that help with this problem but people should also know that there are some treatments they can perform on their own, in the comfort of their home. One such treatment is skin exfoliation. Lots of women wish to know whether they can exfoliate the skin naturally and now they can. Because of this treatment their skin will look younger. Exfoliation should be performed twice per week.

What is skin exfoliation

Almost every person knows that it is a normal process of getting rid of the dead skin in order for it to be replaced with new one and exfoliation is the name of the process. People should know that this process is a natural one. The skin remains smooth, radiant and light thanks to this process. However, people should also be aware that they can speed up the process of exfoliation by exfoliating the skin on their own two times per week. A person who performs this process regularly will look a lot younger.

How to exfoliate the skin naturally

According to the experts, there are several steps to this process and after performing them, people will have exfoliated their skin. First of all, a person should wet the area he or she plans to exfoliate with lukewarm water. Neither cold nor hot water should be used. After that, a person should dampen the loofah or a scrubbing sponge he or she is planning on using for the exfoliation. Next, some exfoliating cleanser should be sprinkled on the scrub and on the skin. After that, a person should start rubbing the scrub on the skin gently and in circular motion. Rinsing of the skin should be done after the scrubbing. In the end, a person should properly moisturize the skin in order to prevent irritation and burning that may occur after the exfoliation.

Natural skin exfoliations

People should know that there are lots of home-made exfoliations that they can use and easily make on their own. Some of the most commonly used are peppermint and lime scrub, orange and oatmeal scrub, sugar and olive oil and a fruit scrub. People should exfoliate the skin two times during a period of seven days in order to reduce blemishes, dead cells, blackheads, dirt and grime. Lots of people prefer exfoliating in the night in order to have a shinny skin in the morning.

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