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Skin exfoliation was an everyday practice of ancient Egyptians. Thus, since time immemorial, people know how good it is to remove dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of one's skin, allowing the pores to breathe. Today, we have a wide range of commercial skin exfoliation products, most of which are excellent for these purposes.

However, you can exfoliate your skin easily by using nothing more than a handful of substances which are in your kitchen this very moment, basing the whole lot on baking soda, however unbelievable this might sound.

Skin Exfoliation at Home

The main purpose of exfoliation is keeping the surface of our skin free from obstructing dead skin cells. These can be oily and sticky, clogging the pores and attracting bacteria, or dry and scaly, getting trapped in the area as well, disallowing our skin to absorb water. All in all, you can exfoliate your facial skin once you visit a spa center or a cosmetic salon. However, you can achieve the same effect by using some of the exfoliating ingredients mentioned below.

Baking Soda Skin Exfoliation

Baking soda is capable of removing dead cells from the surface of your skin easily. You only need to pair it up with some kind of abrasive ingredient. Once you do this, baking soda, being acid neutral, will be a buffer, neutralizing the acidic and basic substances on your face. Even though you are bound to get the best effect once you use fine baking soda for exfoliation, hard powder will also keep your skin safe from irritation.

As for the ingredients, you will, of course, need a teaspoon of baking soda. Mix it up with two tablespoons of your usual facial cleanser. This mixing should take place until the mass becomes smooth and paste-like. Once you have done this, apply the paste onto the tips of your fingers and place it all over your face, avoiding exposing the skin around your eyes to the mixture. Rub the paste in round motions, covering many small areas and advance until you have covered your whole face this way. Focus on the areas where you have skin problems. Yet, make sure you do not overdo it, damaging the skin in the process.

This is basically it. Once you have exfoliated your facial skin, you are to remove the paste by washing your face with water, until all of the mixture is removed.

If your skin becomes irritated after the process, do not use baking soda for exfoliation anymore. Otherwise, repeat the process once a week, benefiting from it, keeping your skin clean and healthy. Finally, instead of your cleanser you can add water with a pinch of salt, or aloe vera.

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