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Lips are one of the most sensuous and most tactile parts of the human body. Full, soft lips can be very sensual, but they require constant care. This is because lips are always exposed and can suffer damage from many factors.

Exposure to sun, dry weather, cold weather, wind, air pollution, constantly wetting the lips and wearing lipstick non-stop can cause damage and make lips look cracked and chapped. Lip balms and chapsticks can help but they work much better as a means of prevention than as a cure.

Fortunately, there are a few simple home remedies that can fix chapped and cracked lips in no time and prevent bleeding, pain and possible infections that can develop from this problem.

Honey and Vaseline for chapped lips

Honey is one of the nature’s best medicines and it has many healing properties, while, Vaseline lubricates the skin, protects it and has antibacterial properties. The two can be combined to fix chapped lips and give them back their natural softness.

The trick is to apply some honey to the lips and let it dry. Vaseline is then applied over the honey coated lips and left for ten to fifteen minutes, after which the two ingredients are gently wiped away with a cotton swab dipped in warm water. This procedure should be repeated daily fro two to five days.

Coconut Oil and Beeswax

Coconut Oil and Beeswax are the magic chapped lips remedies. Coconut oil acts as a demulcent and prevents dehydration of the lips, while beeswax, which is one of the most used ingredients in lip balms, locks the moisture in.

The first thing to do is to melt two tablespoons of beeswax in the microwave oven. Then it is molten, two tablespoons of coconut oil are added in, mixed well and left to cool.

This mixture can be combined with essential oils so it smells better, but it works just fine on its own too. The mixture can be stored in an empty lip balm tube, preferably plastic, and used whenever the lips feel dry and sore.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is another magnificent plant that has healing properties. Aloe vera lip balm combines aloe vera gel, beeswax and fruity essences.

One large aloe vera leaf is cut, peeled, its pulpy gel is squeezed out and processed in a blender together with 500 milligrams of Vitamin C and 400 IU of Vitamin E. A few pallets of beeswax and some safflower oil are mixed and boiled in a double boiler. Why they are boiling on slow heat, some grape seed oil and sweet almond oil are blended in.

The mixture should be boiled shortly, then removed from heat and stirred well. Aloe vera gel with vitamins is then blended and stirred until all the ingredients have mixed well. this mixture should be stored in an empty lip balm tube and used frequently to repair cracked and dry lips.

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