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Chapped Lips

People most commonly suffer from chapped lips during winter months. Still in some cases, cold winter is not the only cause of chapped lips. A variety of causes can lead to damage of the superficial layer of the lips. The damage ranges from mild to severe one. People may complain about dry and scaly lips. In severe cases fissures occur as well. Fissures are rather painful and may bleed. People complain about increased discomfort and pain. In people with insufficient function of immune system even infection may develop.

Causes of Severely Chapped Lips

The lips do not contain sebaceous glands. This is why the skin of the lips is not lubricated and why they are prone to dryness more comparing to the rest of the skin. Winter is the time of the year when most people face with chapped lips. Licking of the lips and later exposure to the cold accelerate the process.

Apart from unpleasant weather conditions chapped lips may develop due to allergic reactions to cosmetics. This basically occurs in women. Even certain skin infections may lead to chapped lips. People who bite their lips because they are nervous and cannot rid of this horrible habit are more prone to this condition.

Chapped lips are always a symptom of prolonged and excessive dehydration. Furthermore, lack of fatty acids or certain vitamins such as B group of vitamins can result in chapped lips. People who are suffering from certain illnesses such as diabetes, Kawasaki disease and Sjogren's syndrome often deal with chapped lips.

Even prolonged usage of certain medications can lead to this condition.

Treatment for Chapped Lips

The best way is to prevent the condition. During the winter months one should regularly use a lip care products. They will moisturize the lips and maintain their healthy and attractive appearance. Adequate moisture is additionally achieved by vitamin E oil or aloe vera gel.

The healthy appearance of the lips can be successfully restored with a variety of home remedies. In case they do not work one should visit a doctor in order to find the underlying cause of the condition.

The pain and discomfort can be perfectly soothed by analgetics. Even massage with lip balm can be efficient. Petroleum jelly is rather efficient and one of the best lip balms.

In case that chapped lips are a consequence of certain disease, when this diseases is brought under control even the problem with chapped lips will be solved.

And finally, in vitamin deficiencies vitamin supplements can help in regaining the healthy appearance of the lips.

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