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Exfoliating your skin is excellent for your health. Basically, exfoliating means removing dead layers of skin as well as dirt from its surface, revealing the new, fresh skin and allowing your pores to breathe. This can help you keep pimples, blemishes, ingrown hair and many other problems at bay, since your skin will be as healthy as possible, soft and completely even.

However, many people are not aware that you can also exfoliate your lips. Moreover, you may never have thought that this can be done with sugar.

Exfoliating Your Lips with Sugar

Lips are very important part of our face, playing a crucial role in our aesthetic appeal. They are most beautiful once they are pink and soft, without extra skin, scales or flakes. Therefore, the granules of sugar are used to remove these unwanted outer layers from the surface of your lips, revealing the beautiful lip skin from underneath. Read on in order to find out how to do this.

Sugar Scrubs for Your Lips

There are several different recipes for this miraculous effect. The first one requires you to add a pinch of brown sugar to a single teaspoon of olive oil. Once you mix these ingredients well, you are to apply the product on your lips and leave it there for a minute. Then, take a clean, wet washcloth and put it on your finger. Place the finger on your lips and rub the mixture of them, rinsing the area with cold water once this is done. The finishing touch requires you applying moisturizing cream on the lips.

Another recipe involves taking two tablespoons of white sugar and mixing it with honey, one tablespoon at a time. Mix the product until it becomes smooth and sticky, being thick at the same time. The application and removal procedure is the same as the above mentioned. However, once you remove this mixture, apply a lip balm or a face moisturizer over the area.

Finally, a great recipe for dry and chapped lips is making a paste by mixing 2 tablespoons of white sugar with a couple of drops of olive oil. Leave the paste on for a minute and remove it with your finger and a washcloth.

Why Is This Good for You?

The benefits of these treatments are many. Simply, sugar acts as an abrasive, removing dead layers of your lip skin. Additionally, honey deals with bacteria while olive oil provides moisture, protecting your lips. All these ingredients are proven not to trigger allergies and are completely safe for usage.

Nevertheless, do not forget to remove any existing lip balms, lipsticks or other cosmetics from the surface of your lips beforehand. Once the treatment is done, apply these and enjoy since it is likely that your lipstick will look better on your new lips, as well as any other cosmetic product you desire to use.

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