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Dry and chapped lips can be unsightly, a nuisance and sometimes painful. There are plenty of remedies on the market today to help with chapped lips but it seems that the herbal remedies are more efficient in their task. Even lip balms containing cocoa butter don’t live up to the standard that herbs hold.

What are the Causes of Chapped Lips

There are quite a few reasons for having chapped lips. If you are frequently exposed to the natural aliments such as the wind, extreme temperature either way or the sun then you could suffer from dry lips that may even chap. Simply by breathing with your mouth open constantly will be allowing the air to continually brush past your lips causing the chapped effect. If you are in the habit of licking your lips regularly you will experience chapped lips because you are allowing your lips to go through being wet then dry, then wet then dry. If you do not drink enough liquids are become dehydrated you will also be the host of chapped lips. The same goes for using cosmetic products that have irritants in them.

How to Battle Chapped Lips

Lip balms and creams are great for the protection of your lips, it’s just that they don’t complete the task of curing already chapped lips. When you have dry lips, you will naturally lick them without even knowing you do thus causing the chapped effect. Try not to use a lip balm that has a flavor as this will only encourage you to lick your lips. Consume the right amount of liquid, preferably water each day to help towards your hydration. There is a thin oil on your lips and the weather exposure can remove this layer, so try if you can not to over expose yourself. Eating a poor diet will contribute to chapped lips, so eat healthily and ensure you are getting the right amount of iron into your system. In some cases, it is due to medication, so see your doctor about this.

Vitamins and Herbs for Chapped lips

Vitamin A will repair the skin and it is located in carrots, and leafy vegetables. Try eating yeasts, pulses and whole grains, example of these are chick peas and lentils. In some cases the chapped lips can be caused by a deficiency in vitamin C and vitamin B complex and also a lack of riboflavin can contribute to the problem. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant which will also help because it guards the essential fatty acids.

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