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“How to” techniques

Perfect lips are for many a dream come true, in terms of appearance and irresistibility. Well, in order to achieve this ultimate goal, a person needs to adhere to certain rules and follow certain steps. But do not worry, since all these steps and rules of attraction are not complicated or overly time consuming.

As a first step, a person should make absolutely sure that the lips are both smooth and well-conditioned. Next thing to do is employ the expertise of a lip conditioner, both on the top and on the bottom. After applying it properly, be sure to wipe it away. This is important for it is extremely undesirable for lips to be wet once the color needs to be applied. In case A person’s lips are somewhat dry, or even chapped, one needs to exfoliate them prior to continuing with the makeover.

What has medical progress also made possible is to practically and truly rejuvenate lips entirely, even those that have been affected by age. This means that those lips that have lost its volume and fullness can be plumped up and made bigger by simple injections. In this regard, the two most frequently performed procedures include lip enhancement and lip rejuvenation. Besides these two methods, available also are numerous other techniques such as top notch laser based treatments, all the way to synthetic implants, injectable fillers. All of these, of course, have a natural feel and in case of fillers, soft and flexible one.

Patience and responsibility

In order to achieve maximum effect, one also needs to take good care of lips, i.e. moisturize them every night. Prior to taking a firm hold of your pillow, it is essential to treat your lips with a substantial layer of moisturizer. The coating itself needs to be bulky so it could keep the lips tender and spongy. During the night, the moisturizer will get absorbed, and the moisturizer itself is going to aid in warding off those wrinkles that tend to form in the area surrounding the lips.

Other factors that also contribute to more dazzling and luscious lips are cigarette abstinence and keeping your lips away from the ill effects of the fungal bacteria, which are known to be the main culprit behind the occurrence of cracked corners on one’s lips. The condition in question is also known as the angular cheilitis, and despite the fact that it does not jeopardize one’s life, if not treated timely and properly, it may have a huge effect on your daily life.

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