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Pulls up are excellent way of getting your body in shape as doing them works out whole groups of muscles instead of just some. The work out the target primary muscle groups but also the secondary muscle groups such as the biceps, forearms, middle back and shoulder muscles. They can be done anywhere where there is a solid bar fixed either outside on in the doorway of your home.

They might be difficult to start doing as they are strenuous exercise, but progress can be made quickly and there are some helping tips to beginners. You can put a chair under the bar to stand on at first but should work out more and more to increase your strength. The trick to doing many pull ups and getting strong enough to do a high number of them is to do them in sets. There should be three or four sets starting from the first which says 5 to 10 and then decreasing their number from set to set as your energy levels will decrease and you won't be able to do so many of them. Diminish the number of pull ups by one or two from set to set and after a while you will really feel your muscles working.

What you can also do when you're starting out is to have many sets of a small number of repeats even if that means that you do 10 sets of only one or two repeats. In time, gradually increase the number of repeats and decrease the number of sets as you increase in strength. You should also pay attention to your posture while your are working out. The back should be straight when you're hanging up from the bar and your chin should reach the bar with every pull up. Another good trick is to do negative pull ups more slowly than positive ones. Negative pull ups are when you lower yourself from the bar, and in doing these more slowly you will gain more muscles and strength more quickly. You can also work your muscles out to failure by jumping on the bar to do an extra push up or two, because this way the muscle begin rebuilding themselves faster each time while you let them rest for a while of course. Eating a healthy diet rich in protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats is key to growing muscles.

When you get more advanced you can attach weight straps to your hips and increase your muscle strength. Pay attention that you eat a healthy diet of 4 to 6 qulity meals per day with a space of 2 to 3 hours between them to enable muscle growth.

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