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Mosquito bites can ruin any vacation or even a barbecue onthe sunny afternoon. Apart from itching and scratching people are more thanever concerned about mosquitoes, because there is a significant increase ofmosquito-borne viruses. West Nile Virus is just one of the viruses that could gettransferred to your body by a mosquito bite and it can cause West Nile meningitisand encephalitis in some of the patients.

People using flowery aromas in perfumes, cosmetics and evenfragrances for the clothes are more prone to mosquito bites, as well as thosewho exercise and sweat, because these are things that attract mosquitoes.

Chemical insect repellents are possibility for everyone whowants to get rid of unpleasant or even potentially harmful mosquito bites. However,you should know that some less harmful natural remedies may also be similarlyhelpful tools against mosquitoes. Although you might need to apply these naturaltreatments more often than some chemical repellents, they will definitely have fewerside effects.

Natural Oils against Mosquitoes

Natural oils can help you with seasonal pests such asmosquitoes. Various natural oils are found to be effective against mosquitoes,and as the most efficient most people use citronella or clove oil. Since clove oilcan irritate the skin, be careful when applying this oil and make sure to diluteit and use with caution at all times. Lemon and peppermint oils, as well as eucalyptus,rosemary, cedar, castor and cinnamon oils can also be used for the same purpose,as mosquito repellents.

These essential oils must be used only externally, but they mightnot be suitable for everyone’s skin. Keep that in mind and always test the oilon a small patch of your skin before actual treatment against mosquitoes. If youare not allergic and there is no reaction to the oil, you can safely use it onthe skin as mosquito repellent.

To make your own mosquito repellent, you can use one part ofany of the essential oils and add 10 times more alcohol or vodka and also someolive or hazelnut oil. Shake the mixture well and it is ready to be used onyour skin. In some cases, mosquitoes will vanish with few drops ofessential oils which you added to your shampoo or soap.

Anti-Mosquito Food

It may sound silly, but scientists have proved that mosquitoeshate garlic. You can add several cloves of garlic to your food, and you will beprotected against mosquitoes for sure. For those who don’t like the taste andsmell of garlic in their mouth, there are some commercial garlic sprays foroutdoors and also some garlic gels to be used on the skin. Make sure to consultyour doctor prior to the use of garlic gels on the skin, for they may provokeallergic reactions.

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