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O positive blood type diet

About O positive blood type

When it comes to human blood, it is known that it consists of four parts. These parts are white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets and plasma. The type of blood a person will have is determined on the type of antigen in the plasma of blood O. Antigens are a sort of chemical markers which can be found in the red blood cells. In the case of blood type O, there are no antigens. On the other hand, both anti-A and anti-B antibodies can be found in blood type O. Rhesus antigen is the reason why O positive blood type bears the name “positive” and that is the reason why it is marked Rh+ blood.

Diet for O positive blood type

The type of blood a person has will determine what are the things this person likes or dislikes to eat and also it will determine his or her allergies, metabolism and medical conditions. A specific diet for a specific blood type will make a difference when it comes to prevention of some sorts of diseases and making sure some infections are being avoided. O positive blood type is considered as perhaps the oldest blood type. Scientists agree that this was the blood type of the ancient man. Because he lived mostly on meat from the animals he hunted and seafood, people with this blood type have no problems when it comes to animal protein digestion. This is also the main reason why people with this blood type should mostly include meat and seafood in their diets. On the other hand, people with O positive blood type do not digest grains and dairy products that easily. High protein and low carbohydrate types of food should be in the diet of a person who has O positive blood type.

Foods good for O positive blood type

Meat and seafood are on the top of that list. Things like whole grains for instance, should be taken in lesser amount. Olive oil is the type of oil best suited for this group. Among beverages, green tea is recommendable and so are wine and beer.

When a person with this blood type feels like having a snack, things like vegetable juices, pears, plums, bananas, carrots, celery and cucumbers are considered to be ok for him or her. Soy milk and rice crackers are acceptable to snack on when following this particular diet. Chocolate is definitely recommendable.

When it comes to exercising, people with this blood type should do more cardiovascular exercises. Aerobics is highly recommendable.

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