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When it comes to losing excessive weight, for a great majority of people this is equal to a challenge and a quest of reaching the moon. In addition to this, what makes the entire process much more difficult is a desire of such people to get rid of the unwanted weight as soon as possible, and no matter what. Needles to say, this is a completely false attitude that always leads to even more disappointment and absence of any positive and beneficial results. One of such speed-of-light methods for weight loss is, by now already quite famous, the Cabbage Soup diet regime. Unfortunately, this specific diet plan has been characterized by so many people and experts as just another fad diet. Yet, many still argue in favor of it, thus leaving the question of providing results an open one, even until the present day.

Functioning principles

As the name clearly states it, the diet regime is based on consumption of soup made of cabbage and during a seven-day period. In the course of these seven days, people who accept this diet plan are expected to take in only the aforementioned and low in calories cabbage soup, in combination with a couple of specific food varieties. Important to mention right from the start is that this diet regime (or plan) is not to be regarded as a life plan; thus, it does not promote introduction of any lifestyle alterations that would last for longer periods of time, but it is limited to the seven-day period only. As already familiar to many, preparation of cabbage soup varies from person to person and depends on the recipe that one acquires.

General guideline

Once a person accepts this general guideline, he/she will need to “indulge” in this particular soup day in and day out, complementing it with a fruit (day one), vegetables (day two), both fruit and vegetables (day three), skim milk and bananas (day four), tomatoes and beef (day five), vegetables and beef (day six) and lastly brown rice, vegetables and fruit juice (day seven). Once the seven day period is over, a person will quite normally return to his/her previous and regular eating habits, but with one exception – he/she will have a couple of pounds/kilos less, and perhaps even less to “wear” every day.

A fad or a solution

Despite the fact that the diet in question is quite often opted for by quite a number of people, it must be said that, unfortunately, it does live up to its so called reputation. What this means is that quite a lot of people do not benefit from it at all, and not only that, but it has the tendency to even bring about more complications in later attempts that one makes at getting rid of the unpleasant additional weight.

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