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A new sensation on the diet scene is the so-called rice diet, which is the cornerstone of the latest medically-supervised program designed for instant and fast weight lost in two weeks to a month.

It is used to treat obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and renal disease and it originated at the University of Durham.

The diet includes rice, fruit, sugar, juices and vitamin and iron supplements.

It has had dramatic results in over 18,000 patients since it inception and people have actually been cured with the diet from diabetes, obesity, hear problems and hypertension.

The rice diet is very involved, and it not only includes a strict eating plan, but also stress management, exercise, lectures on nutrition and personal medical supervision.

The program

The name is often confusing because a person does not only have to eat rice while on this diet. There are over 30 different food items that can be consumed, along with a variety of rice.

Other foods beside rice that are included in the program include fruits, vegetables, grains, fish and beans.

Day One is called the basic rice diet. It includes all three meals, with two starches and two fruits being included in each.

Day two through seven are lacto-vegetarian rice diet days and will include one starch, one non-fat diary and one fruit for breakfast, and then for lunch and dinner, three starches, three vegetables and one fruit.

The basic rules for eating are also fairly simple.

One starch is equal to one slice of bread, 1/3 of a cup of rice or beans or half a cup of pasta.

The consumption of one fruit is considered to be the consumption of a medium sized fruit, which means half a banana for example or one cup of assorted cut fruit.

If a person is eating vegetables, one veggie is equal to one cup of a fresh vegetable or half a cup of a cooked one.

Dairy equals one cup of milk, skimmed milk is better, one cup of non-fat yogurt or half a cup of cottage cheese. Salt in the diet

Salt is one of things that is not permitted during the course of this diet. Salt causes the body to swell. Salt is also a very dangerous food product for people who have high blood pressure or severe kidney issues. It also stimulates the appetite and it will leave people craving food constantly, especially in the late night hours when it is advised not to eat.

Other herbs and spices can be used to flavor the food during this diet, however.

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