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Cabbage, as most othervegetables, is very healthy. Rich in vitamin C, it strengthens our immunitymaking us less prone do diseases. Also, cabbage is very good for our blood aselements it possesses and controls our insulin and blood sugar.

Being a part of our diet, alongwith other fruits and vegetables, as well as fat and carbohydrate sources,cabbage is of great health assistance. However, and this does not stand solelyfor this vegetable, cabbage alone cannot make us healthy or keep or bodyweightunder control. Our diet needs to be complete and not just one vegetableoriented since, that way; it can prove to bring more harm than good.

Proteins, carbohydrates andunsaturated fats are crucial for our health and weight control. All of theseare found in meat, vegetables and fruits together and in great variety. Doctorsalways recommend intake of different sets of fruits and vegetables five times aday. Having this said, cabbage, or any other vegetable alone, can hardly besuffice for our healthy life.

Nevertheless, many diet programs,especially those for quick weight reducing suggest cabbage oriented diet.Cabbage soup is the main meal from this diet and, although healthy, it is justnot enough. This soup contains high amounts of sodium which can be harmful forus. Also, even though this diet encourages eating fruit, there is constantomission of protein and fat intake. Proteins and fat are necessary for ahealthy diet, and their absence from one can only start a chain effect ofincorrect functions in our brain and the rest of our organs. Additionally,cabbage lacks calcium, a crucial element for our bones and many other parts ofour body. Energy deficiency would be the main effect of following through withsuch a diet, and that might be the main reason for quitting as well. Finally,all weight loss diets require constant exercise and physical activity, whilecabbage diet is mostly recommended for heart problem patients who cannotbenefit from torturing their organism further.

Again, cabbage is a healthyvegetable but only taken with all the other supplements such as othervegetables and fruits can it be of a great assistance to our health and ourorganism. Otherwise, cabbage, or any other fruit or vegetable we intake cannotbe enough for fill our needs for correct functioning of our organism. Thatpoint being made, have your diet colorful, fill it with variety and perfectfigure and inner balance will come in no time.

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