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Those who are aware about their diet and the number of calories intake in a day, should also be careful of the amount of carbohydrates per day that they should be consuming. The number of carbohydrates per day that will be appropriate for an individual depends a lot on the amount of physical activity that person is getting, and also, on the lifestyle of that person. It is good to know that carbohydrates carry about 4 calories per gram. Persons which are intensively active need more carbohydrates per day than those who are inactive. Because of that, the inactive person needs to control the total amount of carbohydrate that they consume per day.An average person should consume a total amount of 80 to 280 calories (20 to 70 grams) per day received from carbohydrates. On the other side, a person who is looking forward to losing some weight should consume 720 to 920 calories per day (180 to 230 grams).One should consider that, for example, potato has 5 grams of carbohydrates, 1 cup of broccoli (6 grams), 1 cup of strawberries of carrots, or a slice of bread (12 grams). One orange has 15 grams of carbohydrates and one apple has 19 grams. Richest nutrients in carbohydrates are: sweet corn (1 cup has 31 grams), pasta (1 cup has 43 grams) and the snickers bar (64 grams).

Healthy Carbohydrates Rich Food

You should avoid excessive intake of the carbohydrates daily. This can be accomplished by choosing the best possible sources of carbohydrates. Choosing best possible sources means staying away from junk food, candy bars, sodas, etc. It also means eating a lot of vegetables fruits, legumes nuts, seeds and grains.For calculating the amount of carbohydrates that person should consume, it is wise to take in consideration the amount of physical activity of that person. For example, if you are not involved in a hard physical activity, you can increase your carbohydrates consumption to 65%, but if you are involved in a hard physical training, then the percentage of carbohydrates should not overdo 50%. Furthermore, a number of carbohydrates for a diabetic person should be somewhere around 40% and 60% of total calories intake. They should consume approximately 100 grams of carbohydrates per day.As it is said, one should control the intake of the carbohydrates per day. Too many of them and too little could be harmful. It would be a smart move to visit a nutritionist and get some information about the best kind of diet considering carbohydrates.

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