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Every health provider will recommend eating fish, because it is very healthy. However, fish contains calories and different types of fish have different amounts of calories. That is why it is very hard to determine how many calories you will enter if you eat this food. Here we will inform you about the amount of calories in specific types of fish. You have probably heard for terms white fish and oily fish. These terms are used for two different groups of fish and the oily fish has more calories than the white one, but it also has omega-3 fatty acids that are very important for our general health.
Raw fish calories
Hundred grams of Anchovies contain 276 calories and that is the type of fish that has the most calories. Caviar contains slightly less calories, 268 per 100 grams, and then comes Harring with 203 calories per the same amount. After that, there are shark, salmon, sardines, kippers and katfish that contain less than 200 calories in 100 grams. Other types of fish such as tuna, trout and flounder have low amount of calories. These are facts about calories contained in raw fish, but the fact is that we do not eat raw fish often. What we need is the information on the calories contained in fish recipes that we eat often.
Number of calories in fish recipes
We all like fish sticks, but do we know how many calories they contain? Each fish stick has 80 calories, so you can calculate how many calories you entered in your body. This is not an accurate number because it can vary depending on how fish sticks are prepared and what else they contain. Fish and chips is another recipe we like and you will gain 570 calories from a small box (216 g) of this delicious food. You can lower the calories in fish and chips if you eat fewer chips and more fish. Fish oil is something that we do not use very often, because it contains high amount of calories. One teaspoon of this oil has 41 calories, but this is the only negative side of fish oil. Fish oil is very rich in other healthy substances, such as omega-3 acids and vitamin A.
It is very important to eat fish because it has a lot of nutrients that our body can't do without. You can see that fish is generally low in calories and you can choose to eat the type of fish that contains fewer calories than others. That way you can give your body omega-3 fatty acids and reduce calorie intake.

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