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Cigarettes and Stress

Smokers, upon being asked about thebenefits of their negative habit, usually mention how smoking makesthem less depressed, keeps their diet balanced by controlling theirappetite or say something else which can be connected to thesefactors.

Basically, smoking can be beneficial,if you perceive it like that. Nevertheless, your should never forgetthat all the negative aspects of smoking overshadow several minimalbenefits. Even though you believe that smoking makes you lessfrustrated, you may be mistaken. Simply, nicotine in your body hasgiven birth to an addiction. Thus, in order not to suffer fromwithdrawal symptoms, you need constant supply of nicotine. So, thevery addiction is perceived as a good thing, which is, of course, awrong attitude.

It also replaces our frustrations withartificial serenity by raising our blood sugar levels. Moreover, itkeeps our mind of food by affecting our body this way.

All in all, majority of things cigarettes do tous are not beneficial. Rather, everything is concealed in order to look thisway, but, in reality, it is negative and destructive. Thus, you needto be aware of this hypocrisy of your addiction and do your best tostop it and lead a healthy life.

The False Benefit

Since cigarettes make us lessfrustrated, they deal with symptoms rather than causes of ourproblems. Just because you have smoked a pack today, your problemshave not disappeared. Rather, you have forced your brain to ignorethem, doing yourself little favor, other that setting something asidein order to become more serious later.

We need to deal with problems in orderto be more experienced and capable of living life to the fullest.Escaping into cigarette smoking prevents this. So, deal with yourproblems rather than shutting them out.

Finally, regardless of the benefits youmay think you habit has, these are nothing in comparison to thedestructive nature of cigarette smoking in the long run. Therefore,stop living in an illusion and start making changes in life. Quitsmoking and deal with problems the right way, while breathing freely,taking good care of your nutrition, doing sports and being fullyaware of the world around you, feeling it with all your senses awake.

Once you feel the world again, you willrealize the mistake you have been living in through smoking. However,before this happens, you need will-power, persistence and a goodsmoking cessation plan.

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