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A Life Deprived of Emotions

There are marriages that function excellent. A couple with several children, a household being well taken care of, a caring mother and a father who takes care of all problems under the family roof. Among these marriages, there are those that seem to be taking a strange course.

Namely, there are people who do not demand or need emotional intimacy with the people around them. Let us imagine that our family, mentioned above, has a wife who is frustrated and depressed since her husband, being an excellent father and provider, does not dedicate any intimate emotions to his wife. This can be quite a problem since we are dealing with a perfectly functioning family which is dysfunctional in its core.

A vast majority of people need emotional relationships with others in order for them to live happily and function properly. The absence of these connections, especially in their private lives, can lead to numerous negative emotions affecting them daily. All in all, lack of emotional intimacy can easily lead to divorces and other problems of this type.

Living with a Lack of Emotional Intimacy

A life with someone you never get to know completely can be quite bothersome. You have children with this person, sleep in the same bed, spend time together, yet never truly decipher the very core of his/her personality.

Many people would not be capable of doing this. Getting sexually active with people who are emotionally numb, especially in marriage, can be devastating for those who have the need for emotional intimacy as well. However, removing sex from the marriage may lead to arguments, suspicions and many other problems. Thus, it is best to seek emotional fulfillment elsewhere, through hobbies, projects, love for your children and so on, since you cannot count on your spouse to provide the emotions you lack.

Usually, getting all of your emotions out can be the best thing for solving this family issue. Therapy may work, even though a simple conversation is sometimes all that is necessary. Once the spouse becomes aware of the coldness he/she emits, he/she might change. Usually, emotionally detached people are just afraid or confused and, through opening themselves, they can become better in their relationships.

Finally, however, if you remain unhappy and the other person refuses to change, you are best to move on. Ignoring your own needs will only make you miserable. Thus, think about your emotional needs in relationships, give your best to talk about issues openly, and move on if your desires cannot be satisfied by your partner.

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