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Misconceptions Galore!

Often, when we decide to startexercising, many things stand in our way. Surely, we may start a goodworkout routine, even witness some great results. However, sooner orlater, our own mind and attitude starts getting in our way, forcingus to stop exercising and return to our previous state of body andmind. Below are some of the worst, yet most common, excuses for notexercising, presented and then rebuked.

I Don't Feel Like Exercising, MaybeTomorrow...

Many people loose their motivationbelieving that exercising is a boring process, demanding a lot ofsacrifice. Rather, they would do something more interesting likeeating snacks and watching TV. Yet, this only means that you are notcreative enough. Find some physical exercises that you like or haveliked as a child and return to them. Once you find those you like,stick to them and add more varieties of exciting workouts to yourschedule. In no time, you will be motivated and more than happy toexercise on a regular basis.

Next, we often claim that we do nothave enough time for working out. However, we are not aware of thetime we spend doing nothing or doing something reallycounter-productive. Thus, we need to take at least 20 minutes of ouridle time and dedicate it to exercising. Each and every person can dothis three times a week. Do not think that you cannot.

If you think that you do not have theenergy necessary for living, let alone exercising, believe it or not,engaging yourself physically will grant you what you need. After eachexercising sequence, you are bound to feel strong and pumped withenergy. In the long run you will be capable of withstanding morephysical effort with ease and all energy crisis you felt in the pastwill be gone.

There are people who do not wish toexercise because they do not desire to expose themselves to othersdue to shyness or excessive body weight. Then, you can either workoutat home, or choose a workout which suits your needs and bodypredispositions. Once you have lost enough weight and have gotexperienced regarding your exercise routine, you are bound to be moreself-confident and capable of moving to a group, exercising in publicsometime in the future.

The same goes for excuses like “thegym is too far”. Make the gym at your own home. On the other hand,you can also do jogging, walking, sprinting, pushups and many otherexercises without a need to visit any kind of facility.

Finally, do not be afraid to advance.Exercising, when done correctly, can have more than positive impacton your life. If you cannot find a partner, go alone, if you feelsore after exercising, slow down and take a few days off. Never giveup on exercising since you have too much to gain.

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