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We have all experienced feeling inferior towards some other person we meet, know or encounter in any way. This is normal, as long as it does not happen too often. Most of us are realistic enough to understand when someone else is better in some aspects and use that as a positive encouragement. However, not all of us have the benefit of being raised right, so that we may accept inferiority as something normal, let alone have appreciation for us and is capable of accepting others as they are. Some people, due to bad parenting, peer pressure or some other, obstructing factors, developed a complex, feeling inferior since they were constantly treated as such. Moreover, these people were often forced to feel inferior and reminded of their inferiority, which was often falsely claimed. These people grow up with inferiority complex issues and are incapable of functioning well in the society, let alone in social groups where self-assertiveness is crucial. There are many different factors which influenced the birth of this complex within a person. Also, there are things which help others recognize a person with inferiority complex. By knowing all this things, you may be able to help those who suffer from this phenomenon.

People with Inferiority Complex

This complex may be exposed through extremes. Namely, people who feel inferior to others may avoid human contact, fearing that their flaws may get exposed. On the contrary, other people with this problem may expose themselves eccentrically, trying to prove their worth, constantly doubting their own selves in the process.

People with inferiority complex often blame other factors for their issues instead of accepting things as they are and taking some action against the status quo. Additionally, they are lousy team players, incapable of praising others for their achievements. Rather, they always doubt other people, reflecting their self-doubts this way. Also, they avoid competitions and proving their values since they fear failure. Being very sensitive, people with this complex analyze all compliments and react negatively to any constructive criticism. Yet, paradoxically, they seem to crave for compliments at the same time.

How Can This Problem Be Treated?

Recovery from this complex is not an easy process, to say the least. These people need to stop blaming the whole universe for their misfortunes and start separating good from bad in all aspects of their lives, especially in their relationships with other people. They need to think positive and stop being so doubtful. Various books, videos and therapies might help them change their attitude towards the world before it is too late. Also, the person with this complex should accept that he/she has a problem. After recognizing this, the person needs to try and solve it, by changing his/her way of thinking and perceiving the world. Finally, until they get stronger and more capable of withstanding other people's provocations, people with inferiority complex should avoid people who are prone to letting people down or establishing superiority.

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