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Can Males Have Hot Flashes Too?

The answer to the question the title above poses is yes. Men, even though for a different reason than women, can have hot flashes which have absolutely the same symptoms. Upon experiencing a hot flash, a man is likely to feel sudden, uncontrollable onsets of sweating. Moreover, the sweat tends to be cold, clammy and delivering much uneasiness. This fit may be short and long, lasting from several minutes to several tens of minutes. Finally, when hot flashes strike a male, he might feel nauseous, anxious, irritated and can experience abnormalities with his heart rate.

Reasons behind Male Hot Flashes

Since males are less prone to suffering from hot flashes, the causes for these phenomena are quite different as well. First of all, men, upon reaching a certain age, may experience a sudden drop in their testosterone levels. This makes their estrogen levels dominant, and causes one's brain, due to the lack of testosterone, think that the male's body is overheating. Thus, it triggers sweat, resulting in hot flashes. Secondly, this effect can be caused by a special cancer therapy, where one's androgen levels are decreased significantly, thought to be responsible for cancer. As an effect, a person's cells are safer, but he is more likely to suffer from hot flashes due to hormonal imbalances. Additionally, there might be an underlying infection or inflammation in a man's body, causing the hot flashes, as well as night sweats.

What Can Be Done?

Before any specific approach to the problem takes place, you need to undergo tests which will provide insight into your hormone levels. If there is a decrease in testosterone or there are some other chemical imbalances, further steps are needed. You might undergo bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy, or receive a small amount of estrogen. Also, you might have to change the way you live your life, involving nutrition, exercising and lifestyle in general.

To conclude, even though women are thought to be the only ones suffering from hot flashes during their menopausal periods, men can walk in their shoes too. Although differently, male bodies can undergo changes which can trigger their menopause, causing hot flashes of their own. Whichever the cause might be, as soon as you notice your hot flashes, you are highly advised to look further into it, seeking medical advice.

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