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The body prepares for physical “retirement”

During the period which we call menopause, people are very likely to experience the so called hot flash, or hot flush as it is called in the United Kingdom. When this peculiar occurrence or symptom comes to mind, it typically reminds us of women who are going through the menopause. This stage of life we call menopause indicates a big change in the human body. For women, it includes termination of the natural cycle of the ovaries. There is a typical age at which the first symptoms of menopause occur, and for most of the women it is from the age of fifty and later. However, some women may notice the first indicators in their thirties. All of these changes are set off by a change in the hormone status and levels. It is interesting to note that a woman is most likely to enter menopause in roughly the same moment her mother did once.

Different troubles with menopause

There is a list of ailments that is included in the typical “repertoire” of menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes or night sweats. Among the most obvious ones we have irregularities in the periods, which usually become shorter, and in fact many women note various anomalies and aberrations from the typical periods they have experienced during earlier stages of their lives. Not all women will feel the same number and intensity of symptoms of menopause. Some may get away with only headaches, or only hot flashes, while others may suffer through a whole range of ailments simultaneously.

Apart from the hot flashes, which involve a sudden experience of intense heat throughout the body, there are some other medical troubles accompanying menopause. Here we have different abnormalities and deviations from the normal rhythm of heartbeat, extreme or quick changes in one’s mood, tiredness, inexplicable melancholy, sweating during the night, hard time focusing, sleep disorders, incontinence, and frequent and intense headaches.

Now, hot flashes women go through when in menopause are a very annoying thing to experience, but there are some other symptoms that they report as just as irritating. Here we mean the gain of body mass. Prior to the menopause, some women perhaps didn’t have troubles with excessive weight. However, these women may now go through a change which will induce much easier gain in body weight once they enter menopause. These extra pounds gained in this period are especially tricky, since they might turn out as much harder to get rid of. Since the level of estrogen goes down during the menopause, female body may exhibit heightened propensity to accumulate excessive body fat on thighs or torso.

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