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Hot flashes are some of the side effects of menopause, andthe most uncomfortable ones at that. Although their exact cause is unclear, itis known to be connected with the changing hormone levels.

They arise due to the lack of estrogen, and are set off by the products such as spicy food, acidic food, like pickles or citrus, caffeine,white sugar, greasy food, stress, extremely hot spaces or weather andstressful, emotionally charged situations.

Hot flashes are characterized by heat waves which includeincreased sweating, flushing and trouble breathing. They usually last for acouple of minutes.

Although the first reaction to hot flashes would be tosuccumb to medications, treating them with natural and herbal alternatives isin fact considered more effective.

One may feel more in control of hot flashes if he takes upexercising. Exercise is thought to influence the hot flashes directly, causingtheir rate to drop significantly by exercising only three times a week. Also,when a hot flash occurs, it is best to apply breathing exercises.

Aside from these, other methods of dealing with hot flashesare in the form of proper diet and plant-based medications. What these herbalalternatives can do is reduce body heat and enhance the amount of oxygen in theliver. Any of the following should be more than beneficial.

One of the most helpful herbs is dong quai. It modifiesemotional stress and balances blood vessels.

Chaste berry minimizes hot flashes, as it deals withhormones, and lowers estrogen levels.

Black cohosh was known to relieve menstrual cramps, but hasfound its true use in overcoming hot flashes and other issues such asdepression and vaginal atrophy.

Motherwort deals with the intensity, duration and frequencyof hot flashes and it does it quite successfully. Hot flashes which occur atnight are called night sweats and should these be the issue, motherwort isundoubtedly the best option.

Apart from herbs, another type of remedies recommended forhot flashes are homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic remedies are based on theidea that whatever substance causes symptoms of sickness in healthy people,will have a curative effect on sick people. These remedies have very specific emphasesas to what kind of symptoms they will respond to.

Lacheis is a homeopathic medicine recommended for thosewhose flashes occur all the way from the top of their head and somewhere aroundbedtime, either when going to bed or waking up.

Valeriana handles flashes which cause redness, increasedsweating and insomnia.

Pulsatilla is associated with flashes which happen lessoutdoors, but are frequently followed by chills and emotional tumult.

These are just some of the options which are able to take care of this unpleasant condition, as there are numerous other kinds of herbs for basically anyone's individual case.

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