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Night Sweats Characteristics

Many people suffer from the night sweats.This condition involves feeling extremely hot while sleeping andsweating excessively. After a night suffering from this fit, you arebound to have all your sheets wet and still be unable to sleep due toexperiencing sensation of being hot. For all these reasons, thiscondition is quite an uncomfortable one. However, the reasons behindit may be quite simple and more or less harmless, therefore making iteasily treatable. Unfortunately, sometimes the causes are not sopositive and an underlying illness may have night sweats as asymptom, making things significantly worse.

Reasons Behind Night Sweats in Men over50

Men over 50 undergo many physicalchanges and their organisms become much more sensitive to food,lifestyle and many other factors. Thus, it is not strange that thiscondition may be triggered by numerous different factors, when itcomes to men of this age.

A most common cause of night sweats inthis age is andropause. Similarly to women and their menopause, somemen experience drastic hormonal changes once they are past their 50s,and even 40s sometimes. This results in a decline of theirtestosterone levels, having hot flashes and night sweats as some ofthe most common symptoms.

Alternatively, some kind of nervousdisorder may send incorrect signals to your brain during the night,causing it to trigger excessive sweating while you sleep. Thiscondition is called idiopathic hyperhidrosis. Unfortunately, otherillnesses may be behind this as well. Namely, cancer, AIDS, Lymedisease along with numerous viral and bacterial infections, all canbe possible causes of night sweats in men over 50.

If you are prone to drinking alcoholexcessively, you might easily suffer from night sweats. Moreover, ifyou are in the process of quitting alcohol indulgence completely,this condition may be one of the withdrawal symptoms, especially ifit is accompanied by nightmares, hallucinations and similar fits.

As the list goes on, stress comes next.In fact, numerous nervous system disorders like post-traumatic stresssyndrome, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and others, along with standard,stress-induced anxiety all may cause night sweats too.

One's diet may be closely connected toexperiencing night sweats while sleeping. Thus, make sure you avoidspicy food, along with garlic, onion and red meat before going tobed. Also, check the instructions on any medications you might betaking since many of them, especially antidepressants, tend to havenight sweats as a side-effect. Finally, if you are suffering from lowblood sugar, which is common for men over 50, and you are taking somemedications for this purpose, there is a high likelihood that theseare causing night sweats in your case.

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