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Aging is something that every person in the world experiences. A lot of people do not even see the signs of aging until their health ends up suffering and it becomes too obvious to oversee. A person who experiences hot flashes symptoms has usually reached the limit of reproduction. In most cases of hot flashes a person will notice certain signs like hot feeling that accompanies the headache, sweating and suffocation. A person who experiences that is most likely suffering from hot flashes. It is not uncommon for people to experience a chill going throughout the body when the hot flashes end.

Causes for hot flashes

It is the hormonal changes that lead to hot flashes in most cases. It is the hormonal changes which are in most cases seen when a woman is going through menopause. Apart from these hormonal changes, a woman may experience them due to the way of life she is leading or due to certain medications she might be consuming, like Tamoxifen for instance. Low levels of estrogen are also known to lead to hot flashes. Low levels of estrogen are known to result in the rise of the temperature.

Symptoms of hot flashes

People should know that there are some symptoms of hot flashes that occur more often than others, like sensation of heat on the face and upper body, skin redness and flushing, intense perspiration and a cold feeling from the head to the end of the chest, fast heart beats, dizziness, anxiety, headaches, nausea, weakness, insomnia and fatigue. Apart from these, a person may also experience some of the other symptoms like mood swings, elevated cholesterol levels, heart problems, bone problems, muscle problems, irregular menstruation, loss of appetite and problems related to hemoglobin.

Treatment for hot flashes

Most experts will advise women who experience hot flashes to try treating them with natural remedies first. The main reason why that is so, is because there are no side effects that follow natural remedies. Women should cut down on alcohol, caffeine and spicy food consumption if they experience hot flashes. Smoking and using diet pills should also be reduced. Cold showers should be used instead of hot ones. Women should also avoid wearing woolen clothes and instead wear light cotton. Stress is another important factor that needs to be avoided or at least reduced. Relaxation and breathing exercises are good in these situations. Following a low-fat diet helps as well. Women should also consider estrogen therapy.

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