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Men and women age differently. Thus, they undergo different symptoms and bodily changes which serve as a reminder that the clock is ticking. Since the first moment you notice your gray hairs appearing, you realize that you are not getting any younger. In fact, men are in the peak of their development when they are 25. After that, they start aging and their body undergoes numerous changes.

The Aging Process in Men

The first aspect of aging in men is the health. Namely, as men get older, their physical and mental functions gradually decrease. Excessive weight gets accumulated around the belly and waist area when men reach their middle age. Yet, this does not necessarily have to be so since there are men who look younger than other males who are 10 or even 20 years younger than them. So, a healthy lifestyle can surely slow the aging process down.

As they grow older, men tend to develop certain conditions such as arthritis or diabetes. On the other hand, they might become obese. Either way, they are bound to spend more and more time at the doctor's as they grow older. Note that smoking, alcohol indulgence and drug abuse contribute to the development of diseases of this type.

Sexual and Mental Disorders and Problems

Once a man crosses the 40th year of his life, his fertility and sexual functions tend to drop. In fact, in 50% of the cases, men experience prostate enlargement, drop in testosterone levels and a decrease in their sex drive too. All these changes affect men in this age and may trigger some other disorders of this type.

Finally, older males face mental disorders and problems. Basically, they might be prone to depression, mood swings and lack of motivation. Moreover, their memory gets affected, leading to forgetfulness and decreased levels of concentration. Again, staying active and paying attention to your lifestyle and diet can make all the difference when it comes to health.

Changes Which Keep You Healthy

First of all, if you are a man of age, you need to stay physically active. What is more, you can benefit from exercising your whole life. Sometimes, even a short walk every now and then can keep you healthy. Cardiovascular activities are recommended since these keep your heart strong and your metabolism optimal. Also, these workouts reduce stress levels you might be affected by, making you relaxed and happy.

Women tend to pay more attention to their health than men do. Hence, men age faster, in most cases. Keep this in mind and do not follow the crowds. Rather, choose a different, healthy, youth-preserving path.

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